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Our Story

At Say Something, we believe food is blended with culture, memory, and experience. Rooted in varied cooking traditions from across America, our sauces are inspired by the vibrant flavors created by generations of cooks relying on traditional regional ingredients. Our products were created with the goal of melding taste and culture with health, which is why we use only the finest organic ingredients we can find. We care about authentic tastes that are healthy and reliable and invite you to define a range of condiments.

Hi, I am Nick, The Culinary Pirate.  

Food is a way of life for me. Throughout my travels around the US and the world, I have learned that in most cultures, food is a daily process of creation and a way of bringing family and friends together. The details in sourcing, preparing and sharing are as important as the end product. 
This has given me a passion for food and a love of sharing great tastes with the world.
For Bar-B-Que, I’ve uncovered some unique American traditions that have inspired me to craft a range of sauces with delicious flavor combinations that you can enjoy with the ones you love.

In Good Health,
Nick Crespi